Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas is here!

For those of you still checking this blog, here is a new installment! We had a great Thanksgiving (pictures coming) and then kicked off the Christmas season with a little tree cutting and decorating.  The big girls LOVED it and Annie loved eating cheesy chips (nachos to most).
 "Ok. I'll pose for this one time and one time only. Better get the picture, Dad."

"Cheesy chips are really good...what's the big deal?"

 Annie still eating cheesy chips:)
And alas, thanks to this blog we knew it was Dana's turn to put the star on the top of the tree. Alice made a good case for herself but when we looked back to the last blog post (oh my goodness it was nearly a year ago) we had hard evidence that it was in fact Dana's turn to put the star on top of the tree this year.  I attempted to give her a boost to place the prized ornament atop the tree but it was a failed effort as the photo clearly documents.  Dana was more scared than triumphant and it was time to call in taller, more stable forces...Dad.  What the next two photos leave out is that Reeves actually had to trim the tree before Dana could successfully put the star on top! So if the tree looks shorter, it is! But Dana finally nailed it and did a great job! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wow...where did 3 months go?

To all of those who have given up on checking the blog, SURPRISE, here is an update!  This is going to be quite a throwback.  I believe we have some christmas tree decorating, cranberry bread making, some holiday celebrating and some post holiday fun.  I promise to be better at this during the season.

 Alice was the lucky one to put the star on the tree! This will serve as evidence for next year when we can't remember whose turn it is...
 Cranberry bread making! Yum Yum! 

 Passed out...too much celebrating.
 Dana needed some extra assistance staying out of the water. Thank you, Grandma Sue!