Sunday, November 2, 2014


October has flown by!  We are still settling into Vermont life (it's proving to be a longer process than I anticipated but certainly an enjoyable one!).  We are looking forward to the arrival of our sectional this week as it will go a long way to make thing comfortable. The girls just finished their fall gymnastic session (thank goodness - we are happy to get our Saturday's back).  Alice is in the midst of preparing for her big performance with the Town Hall Theater group in a couple of weeks! That's the update for now!  Hope to post a little more frequently in the future!

 Our attempt at a family photo! Probably a little too sunny but oh well...

 Making pixie dust.  I can't tell you how nasty that mud/flower creation was by the end. 
Pixie dust has become my nemesis.

 Love this happy little face!
 New Bunk Beds! Hooray!

 Trying on our Halloween costumes!

 Fall picnic!

Apple picking!

 Pumpkin carving! Alice wanted a "spooky" one and Dana wanted a "silly" one. 

 Celebrating Gogo's birthday before Trick-or-Treating!

 Annie's not so sure about this costume...Maybe it's just that she feels like a giant next to baby Carolyn! Either way she is giving the "why do you do this to me?" look!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Day of School

 First picture leaving Gogo and Gumma's for Painter Rd bus pick up. Alice is a little nervous but her little sis is giving her a nice squeeze!
 Waiting for the bus at Painter Rd. 
 Alice is starting to get excited!!!
 Happy girl!  Can't wait to start kindergarten!
 Off she goes!  Didn't even look back!
 Alice was a little slow getting off the bus.  I think Izzy was helping move her along.
 Iz got a little impatient and scooted ahead of pokey Alice going down the steps!
 Still feeling good when she arrived at her classroom!
 Big goodbye hug from Dana. She loves her big sister. Good luck, Alice!
 And now it's Dede's turn. Walking up to school for the first time. Excited to use her new backpack.
 So happy!
 Hanging up her backpack in her new cubby! What a big girl. 
 A little nervous but she warmed up quickly. 
 Taking pictures of me taking pictures! Say cheese!
Nothing like playing with babies to make Dana comfortable!  Good luck, Dede!