Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Day of School

 First picture leaving Gogo and Gumma's for Painter Rd bus pick up. Alice is a little nervous but her little sis is giving her a nice squeeze!
 Waiting for the bus at Painter Rd. 
 Alice is starting to get excited!!!
 Happy girl!  Can't wait to start kindergarten!
 Off she goes!  Didn't even look back!
 Alice was a little slow getting off the bus.  I think Izzy was helping move her along.
 Iz got a little impatient and scooted ahead of pokey Alice going down the steps!
 Still feeling good when she arrived at her classroom!
 Big goodbye hug from Dana. She loves her big sister. Good luck, Alice!
 And now it's Dede's turn. Walking up to school for the first time. Excited to use her new backpack.
 So happy!
 Hanging up her backpack in her new cubby! What a big girl. 
 A little nervous but she warmed up quickly. 
 Taking pictures of me taking pictures! Say cheese!
Nothing like playing with babies to make Dana comfortable!  Good luck, Dede!

Sunday, August 3, 2014


 These pictures are a little out of order but, alas, that's pretty much how our lives feel right now...out of order! While we are bummed not to be in our new house yet, we are enjoying our move to VT as it has been a beautiful summer.  Alice, Dana and Annie have really enjoyed the extra time with grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles.  Annie is getting lots of cuddle time with Gumma and the girls are getting familiar with their Middlebury surroundings.  We've attended the Quarry School playgroup on Monday and Wednesday mornings so every time we drive by, Dana points it out and calls it her "summer school." Our most exciting accomplishment so far has been Dana's progress with potty training.  We are hopeful she'll be accident free by the end of the month.  So far so good!
 This is baby Annie from this morning.  She continues to be a total dream.  We are all so in love.
 Friday afternoon swim at Bird and Eugene's.  Dana loves calling Eugene, "Froggy."
 Cuddles with Joycie.  Doesn't get much better than this!

 Annie's biggest and most loyal fan, Gumma.

 Dana testing the accuracy of her least she chose something softer than lincoln logs this time...

 Uncle Peter and Aunt Kristi had their time with Annie as I needed a few extra hands at Button Bay! Thy are prepping for the arrival of their little one this fall!
 The boys!

 Cousin time in Maine! The bunk beds were a big hit, especially as a launch pad! Thinking Dana had something to do with starting that trend...

 Thumbs up for a successful potty trip!
 Ned and Annie meet for the first time.  They are only a week apart!  He's sooooo cute!
 Ned in his awesome beach hat!  Such a cutie!

 Cousin Lauren showing Annie some love!
 "whoa...this life jacket is tight"
 so fun! so far this summer she's driven a golf cart and a boat! not bad!

 this was Dana's first attempt at throwing things in the crib.  we were quite surprised to find that Annie slept through this activity.
 lesson: when you eat them, crayons leave a mark
 "let's go on vacation already"
 first boat ride for this little one!

Big sisters are doing great. We are so happy with how they adjusted to the move despite not being moved into our new house.  We are thankful and grateful to have such wonderful accommodations in the meantime.  It's been a great summer and we can't wait to really settle into our life in Vermont.